The new offices' development emerges from the ground as an urban landscape of immaterial volumes.

The translucent extrusion is punctured by three special moments connected by a circulation spine, also acting as a linear skylight for all the active spaces.

The modular warehouses are completely sunken underground and treated as a productive bunker with large lateral smart glass panels, that are automatedto flip and ventilate the space at programmed hours.


The spaces are lit naturally along the spine.
The flexible sliding partitions allow spaces to spill into one another when necessary.

The three moments act as both the passive sustainable batteries and special programmatic moments of the project:
- The portal acts as the reception hub and solar power storage.
- The eco-lab serves as the IT pilot while collecting rainwater.
- The heart is the head familial enterprise narrative and incorporates a double facade passive ventilation system to naturally cool down the workshops below.

The offices are extruded with variable heights and a combination of different sustainable facade systems using either breathing fabric or translucent polycarbonate panels.
The spaces expand both vertically and horizontally, on a modular grid system that allows for strategic phasing flexibility strategies.
The project stands as a passively sustainable campus-like ethereal development, that seamlessly emerges from and glows in the landscape.