Beirut's cityscape is invaded by formal expressions of ‘security' measures. Barricades, road blocks, fences, barriers obstruct and disrupt the citizens' everyday movements. Some of these spatial extrusions emerged from the past civil war, occupation and neighboring conflicts but most importantly from an ever increasing privatization of what should have remained public

Sensitive coastal lands, gentrified high-end residential areas, roads labeled as highly secured, all are being fenced out by private entities to reject any spontaneous approach of the passer by.

The city is being barricaded.

In times where the issues of security and fear are paradoxically intertwined, UNBOUNDED demystifies the embodiment of control: the fence.

The installation transforms the hostile elements of obstruction into a display installation for fashion. The proliferation of sidewalk policing obstacles is turned into an explosion of glitzy elements. The original ‘fence' module is multiplied and assembled within various configurations. What seems to be a complex puzzling sculpture is in fact a systematic screwed to one another assembling of a repetitive component.

These elements are transposed from a universally hostile perception to one of shimmering superficiality. All what the eyes meet are sparkling blades that further dematerializes as they reflect indefinitely in the glossy surrounding surfaces.

Once its life as a giant fashion hanger is consumed, UNBOUNDED will pursue its transposed identity in the city. It can be dismantled and assembled with indefinite formations.