Mobily KSA was in urgent need to rethink their spatial identity. The problematic was very clear. The actual outlets felt generic, detached from the brand and not flexible enough. The brand called for a dynamic and progressive positioning and needed strongly identifiable outlets. The client was also looking for a flexible and adaptable system that would allow them to implement the design in a smart and efficient way regardless of the size or location of the outlet.

The design is based on two systems of intervention: the straightforward treatment of the shell (ceiling, walls, ground) and the open ended spatial opportunities created in the central space. Responding to the ‘open conversation' feel Mobily aspires to project, the retail main space remains free of constraints.

System 1 - the envelope:
The treatment of the surfaces consists of a straightforward system of implementation. The floors are covered with custom made modular blue terrazzo tiles. Strongly identifiable with its color, pattern and texture, the new ground would be locally manufactured exclusively for Mobily. The ceiling is covered with translucent modular sheets that diffuse the light and create a homogeneous and pleasant glow.

System 2 - the space - modular units
‘The state of change is what represents progress, it represents that progress never stands still. Progress is moving forwards, stepping sideways, shifting up and down - progress is agile and it flexes in whatever way it needs to, to move forward. The grid system created here works on the dynamic of progress, it adapts and changes to fit the medium.'

The ‘intervention in the middle' builds up on the notion of flexibility and constant state of change. A modular system is designed to accommodate different scenarios of use. One main element made of multiple modules can be assembled or dismantled to allow for a different display depending on the need. The dynamic shapes of these modules serve specific functions: front desk, low table, display element, exchange platform and storage. When put together, like the pieces of a puzzle, they form a linear module. This becomes Mobily's trademark furniture system. The quantity of modules in each retail store depends on the capacity of the space.

This system allows for infinite configurations and endless possibilities of use. The spatial identity of Mobily is always recognizable but none of the outlets are boring replicas; they respond differently to the ever changing needs of location / users / circumstances. Mobily's spaces are now dynamic, adaptable and user-friendly.