Lacewings is located in Kfour, Lebanon. This rehabilitation of an ancient 2m thick stone structure sitting on heavily planted terraces into a flexible gathering and recreational area, expands into custom spaces to accommodate for intimate sleeping and family areas.

The project sits on a lush green hill with magnificent views. The existing stone wall belongs to a rich landscape reminiscent of the history of the site.

The stone wall once housed spaces dedicated to silk making, and was a milestone in the ancient Silk Road's path, which used to cross through Mount Lebanon. Moreover, the intervention is part of a family heritage site, which needs would grow exponentially through time. We thus treated the intervention as a flexible satellite system that could potentially connect to a larger scheme.

The project consists of a series of interlocking units that can grow exponentially in the landscape. The landscape remains untouched and the intervention just sits on top of it. The units are inspired by the idea of silk cocoons. They are therefore warm and precious objects that insure a complete disconnection from the dense urban living.

Within the stone wall, the boundaries of these cocoons dissolve and are delineated by the three roofs. These large conical elements expand the height of the roof while allowing for natural zenithal light to flow into the space. The stone wall remains untouched.

As an expansion scheme, the hexagon cocoons expand in the landscape and create enclosed spaces, shading tents and floating lighting elements.

Overall, the intervention allows for shrinkage or growth patterns, as per the needs of its inhabitants.