The Concept store is situated on the Ground floor of a two level generic structure in Riyadh. The space is punctuated by random and disparate columns.

CSM is conceived as a sculpture garden where the visitor wanders around various focal points. Instead of ignoring the columns, they are inflated and become spaces to allow for different functions to take place: The marble display sculptures, the light boxes and the green elements.

Three marble sculptures create an imbedded display system. Any item that the "Gallerist" decides to display (Be it jewelry, art pieces or toys), would be embraced by a white marble backdrop that is absent in color but has an indisputable magnetic presence. The sculptures look like carved marble blocks with different heights, depths and articulations.
Light translucent boxes also materialize at the two ends of the shop. They highlight the changing rooms locations and act as focal light sources in space. The remaining columns are wrapped in Green foliage; the trees in the sculpture garden.

A display rail traverses the whole shop and changes heights and directions to serve different support functions: hanging rails, support for the elevated green web and lighting elements. The ceiling is filled with hanging plants that are connected to the green columns and seem to emanate from the outdoor patio and surrounding garden.

The resulting space has a Monochrome feel with dispersed focal elements that orient the clients and act as a compelling setup to the displayed collections. The hanging garden emits smells and textures creating a carefully curated sensorial journey. Walking in a sculpture garden, the visitor is invited to stop, ponder and dream.